Saturday, January 16, 2010

Changed format

I've been busy!

Wednesday in the wee early morning hours, we got a call that Grandma broke her shoulder, so dad and my uncle went up to check out the situation, and an ambulance was called. She's currently convalescing in a nursing home in Swanton. She's doing better but she may be in the home for several weeks.

Wednesday night, I hung out with my friend Chris. He's a hilarious guy! I took pictures of his ridiculously long hair.

Thursday, my friend Niki came over and we ate spaghetti and did some Wii yoga.

Friday, I visited my grandmother and then relaxed at home.

Today I'm looking forward to getting some emails read and written.

Have you ever contested a charge on your credit card? How did it go? I have contacted a company through email (their preferred method of contact) three times and have gotten nothing. I've double checked my spelling of their address. In the third email I sent, I mentioned that if I did not get a response, I will call my credit card company to contest the charge.

This evening, I'll be going to church at Cedar Creek - I wanted to try a different service than the usual 12:30 Sunday afternoon service.

I'll be changing this blog from a daily blog to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one of the weekend days. It's been difficult and I don't like posts that are two sentences.

And it's almost time to do some yoga.


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