Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day #79: Vegan Pizza #2

IMG_1502, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

Vegan eatings:

3 (or 5) chocolate chip cookies
leftover stew

Mustard pretzels

Vegan pizza

The second try of pizza was wonderfully successful! I loved it - tasted just like pizza! I grated the "cheese" - I think it was better than having it sliced.

I went Christmas shopping with my mother and we bought almost all of the gifts on our lists. It's always nice to have a successful shopping day, even if I have to sacrifice a real lunch to do it!

Tomorrow, I'll be heading to church, but I'm not sure what else I'll do. Eat vegan leftovers, certainly. Maybe play some piano! Right now, sleep!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Day #78: Two more days of Vegan week!

Vegan eatings:  
3 clementines  

2 pieces of vegan pizza 
footlong veggie sub sans cheese  

Dinner: Curry 
Chips with pineapple salsa 

Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying eating vegan food! I just won't miss checking everything I eat to make sure it has vegan approved ingredients! Last night I made Chickpea and Spinach curry as well as Chocolate Chip cookies. Both were very good!  

Curry needed a little extra salt. 


Cookies were just amazingly delicious! (see photo at top) I'm looking forward to Saturday and eating more cookies!  


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day #77: Lucky number 13!

1203091845, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

Vegan eatings:
3 clementines

Chipotle Stew (Still as amazingly awesome as the first time!)

Delicious veganness for dinner!! (see photo at top)
Greek salad
Artichoke and tomato and mushroom soup
Hot chocolate with soy milk. the clerk forgot to not put whipped cream on it....that's fine, I got a spoon and disposed of the cream into my soup lid.

I looked around the Toledo vicinity today to see where I could purchase vegan cheese.

I thought I found it in Meijer: Veggie slices! Next to the tofu! But it has a milk protein in the ingredients. I sadly put it back and went to Anderson's.

No luck there. I was surprised, I thought Anderson's had EVERYTHING!

I called Wal-Mart, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Schorlings, Bassett's Health Store, Churchills, Super Churchills, Reddy Food-N-Spices, Target, Aldi's, then I finally found Claudia's!

They even had more than one brand of vegan cheese! I was so excited!

I just finished baking my vegan pizza and I'll pack it up for lunch tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day #76: Done with Julie and Julia and now I'm onto Isa

Vegan eateries:


4 clementines
Chipotle stew

Greek salad without the feta cheese
Blueberry bagel with grape jelly

Hot chocolate made with soy milk

Guacamole with tortilla chips

I enjoyed Bible study with Niki and Tiff and I finished Julie and Julia and LOVED it! I'm looking forward to the book club meet.

Now I'm sleepy. Will update tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day #75: Doux Vegan!

I'm sure my French is incorrect in the title of this post.

Vegan eatings for today:


Chipotle, corn and black bean stew (leftovers - and just as wonderfully tasty as when it was made originally!)
4 clementines

Stir fry consisting of:
 --White rice
 --bamboo shoots
 --water chestnuts
 --pea pods
 --garlic powder
 --curry powder
 --onion powder

 --hot chocolate, made with soy milk.

So far, my taste buds don't think that this vegan food is like a death march to blandness. It's been quite good! Next recipes will be spinach and chickpea curry, and chocolate chip cookies. I found one brand of butter that is vegan at Meijer! (No vegan butter at Kroger.) Yay for Willow Run!

I'm considering dropping this daily blog back to a weekly blog and starting a music composition blog and a cooking blog. I'm going to see how much cooking and writing and all I do during the Christmas break before I make my decision.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to finishing Julie and Julia (only 100 pages to go!) and having Bible study with Tiffany and Niki.

Right now, I'm exhausted.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Day #74: Hey, it's vegan week!

IMG_1482, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

Vegan eatings:

trail mix
--dried fruit
--M&Ms. (Crap! I didn't realize that they're not vegan!)

Subway footlong veggie sub (no cheese!)
--green peppers
--black olives
--banana peppers
--jalepeno peppers

trail mix sans M&Ms

Chipotle, corn and black bean stew
--crushed tomatoes
--black beans
--chipotle peppers
--lime juice

--malt vinegar

I read Julie and Julia during lunch, and I'm glad, as I didn't have time today to read after work. This dinner took quite a while!

I served 3 bowls, and have five large bowls packed up for lunches. I'm excited that my first try was so successful!

Tomorrow, I'm going to hang out with my friend Niki! Yay!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day #73: Julie and Julia and Laura

I'm really enjoying reading "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell.  She's a very entertaining writer! I'm currently on page 137 of 362, and I need to have it finished by Thursday at 7pm. I'm sure I can get it done.

I enjoyed church with Kassie and Leo! We went to the 10:45 service, and it was packed! I'd like to try a different service or at least get to this service earlier than we did. I'm really enjoying the Cedar Creek atmosphere and I'd like to give it a try. Of course, it's always easier to go to a new place with a friend as opposed to just by yourself. It's also nice to have a friend that knows where she's going! (Thanks for making sure I don't get lost, Kassie)

The guacamole was delicious! More than delicious! I was trying to get every bit of guac from the bowl.

I didn't visit my uncle, but I will do that tomorrow.

Right now, I'm off to bed!